Andres’ experience and progress – Testimonials

Andres first met the Dévény method physiotherapist in August 2014. He was 32 months old and had hypotonia in his trunk, with tense osteo tendon reflexes. After sitting for a few seconds, he would start to fall. His hands were closed but mobile, his head leaned back to the left side. He felt a lot of fear and vertigo as soon as his body was in motion which led him to extend his legs with hyperextended knees and feet in valgus support.

He choked every time he ate and drank. His vision, sometimes in a daze, was concentrated on a single point. Our son did not evolve, his delay was more and more important and apparent.

We saw immediate results on Andres when we started going to Budapest (Hungary) for therapy during all school holidays. Currently we go one week per month and 2 weeks during the school holidays. The therapy sessions ranged from 1 hour per day at the beginning to 2 hours on certain days.

The physiotherapist began working first on Andres’ neck and back, then from his spine down to his hips, legs, feet and toes and also his arms, hands and fingers. She also worked on his face, mouth, ears, eyes, trachea and belly.

Andres gained flexibility in his movements: he learned to stand, raise and direct his head to the right, to open and move his hands and fingers.

With the disorders of the mandible and jaw, tongue and trachea treated, he was able to open his mouth wide and to drink and eat without choking. His feet and knees straightened; he began to stand and to take his first steps.

The work on his ears improved his balance and helped eliminate his fear. The work on his muscles, tendons and nerves permitted significant improvement in his growth (then insufficient for his age) and suppressed the pain in his legs and feet, as well as his need for therapeutic botox.


All this progress was clearly observed during the intensive therapy periods of the Dévény practice which was complemented in France by a series of therapy sessions aimed at improving his motor skills.

His treatment started with 2 sessions of physiotherapy per week. In addition, for the past 2 years, he has a weekly session of equitherapy, complemented this year by an occupational therapy session per week and one psychomotricity session every 15 days.

Today, thanks to the Déveny method, Andres is a smart little boy, who speaks very well and has a good level of understanding for his age. However, he must continue his Dévény method treatment until the end of his growth to correct his atrophied muscles and prevent deformation of his column and the rest of his body.

Before starting the Dévény method, Andres was condemned to using a wheelchair or orthopedic equipment to move around and to be assisted in all his actions.

Now, he walks without a splint and only needs to take someone’s hand to maintain his balance when performing certain movements. Today he goes to school, plays with his friends in the yard, writes, eats alone and speaks correctly.

As a result of multiple therapy sessions and a lot of perseverance, this method allowed Andres to make movements that had been impossible to him until then.

It helped him learn to use his hands to manipulate things, talk, eat without choking, walk, strengthen his muscles and enjoy life!!