The Dévény Method: Principles

Anna Dévény, a physiotherapist, has developed and elaborated a method of care, over the past 30 years, called the Méthode Dévény (pronounced Déveigne).

This therapy, also called DSGM (Dévény Special Manual Technical and Gymnastic Method) is practiced from head to toe.

It consists of 2 parts: Healing (SMT) and Movement Development (STG):

1.Healing: This tendon treatment involves manually adjusting and / or restoring the initial position of the muscles, nerves and tendons and connective tissue. At the same time as it treats the contractures and restores the musculoskeletal position, it directly stimulates the nervous system (nerve endings and brain). This part of the method is called Advanced Manual Therapy or SMT (Special Manual Therapy)

2.Movement Development: This analytical gymnastics seeks the harmonious, precise, conscious, practical and economical performance of movement through the development of coordination, strength, fine motor skills and endurance.

These 2 areas of activity are tailor-made for patients in relation to the disorder being treated.

The Dévény method cures using the principle of prevention, which means that the sooner the therapy begins, the less the symptoms evolve.

Once the a symptom has advanced it can no longer be cured, it can only be repaired. It is important to emphasize that we can only achieve complete healing without sequela if the SMT therapy is begun sufficiently early .