The Project

3 principle objectives:

1. Organize gatherings, events and conferences to introduce the Dévény method in France:

  • To Parents of children affected by a disorder eligible for treatment by the Dévény method; and
  • To Physiotherapists and practitioners wishing to acquire a new skill to care for children in difficulty,

2. Spread this method in France by offering training from Hungarian Dévény method therapists to local physiotherapists (on the spot or by organizing trips in Hungary),

3. Provide financial support to the parents that have children who may be able to overcome their disabilities with access to the Dévény treatment method.


  • Bring together at least 300 members committed and ready to pay the annual member fee for 2017 with the goal of reaching reach a total of 1,000 members within 3 years;
  • Obtain the support of partner companies willing to donate (patronage, sponsorship) or to provide us with significant resources to support us in our various projects;
  • Request subsidies from the State for next year;
  • Introduce our Association to other associations and foundations, companies, universities and physiotherapy schools in order to create a network structured by establishing conventions (or others…); and
  • Organize events to raise funds for the Association.